How to Play

  • Press "space" to start the game. 
  • Moving using WASD.
  • Click with Left Mouse button to shoot. 
  • You Win the Game when You get a 1000 Score. 

This is a game I'm working on for the "I Can't Draw" game jam. 

This game is a top down shooter, where the main protagonist is  Circle, who was born without an edges. Because of this he grows up to be an outcast of society. 


He lives in the world called GEO. 

Geo is full of shapes, and most of them are Edges, those shapes that have a straight edges. 

For all his life, other shapes have called him a mutant, and someone who doesn't belong. 

However, the world of GEO is in peril, and a sinister Shape Virus is infecting all the Edges, and they are going ballistic and destroying GEO one shape at a time. 

It's up to Circle who seems to be immune from the Virus to save the world of GEO. 

Game Mechanics

This is my first game ever, so the main type of game this will be a top down shooter, where the player can move around, while shooting enemies that come from the top. 

The player will also have access to powerups that will randomly appear and that will give him better shooting power and stuff.  

Other Info

This is my first ever game that I made in Unity. It was also my first time programming in C#, and making all the art by myself. Took me quite a long time to get this game done. 

Development log


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Fun little web game, simple but challenging.  Managed to finish it after a few tries.  The main issue I see is that the game doesn't properly reset to the beginning when you beat it or die.

Thank you for the feedback.  This was my first game, and it was really stressful, I'm just glad I was able to finish it. I'm pretty happy with the end result, and you are right the last part needs where the game ends needs to be reset more properly. 

It's really fun and addictive, takes me a few tries to win it though.

Ha ha.. Yea I made it a bit difficult so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment ...:-)

Hey I don't see a download link nor is it opening in the browser. Its okay if its not finished, would like to see it anyway :)


almost done!! I'll make sure to upload it tonight.. My first game ever... It was really hard and discouraging because I didn't realize it took so much time to learn how to program and get things to work... 

can i steal this idea?

Its amazing!

Ha ha... sure ideas are dime a dozen...  :-)


Wow! this looks like it will be really fun once it is done! good luck on the jam! :P


this is a really good idea for a game, good luck on the jam!


First! I'm the dev for this game, and first step for me is to draw and create all the sprites for the player, and enemies. Due date for my self will be end of day Friday.